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What is the difference between Neat’s and other rice snacks on the market?

Other rice snacks on the market are either made by puffing rice with air (so called rice cake) or made from rice flour paste and shaped through a nozzle (extrusion). Neat’s though, are formed by hand with whole grains of rice and consequently have a very unique texture, which makes them extremely crunchy. Also, most rice crackers sold in the UK are imported and use palm oil in their processing while Neat’s are made in the UK and only use top quality oleic sunflower oil which results in a very low level of saturated fat.

What kind of rice is used in Neat’s crackers?

We make all of our rice crackers with glutinous rice, which is readily accessible and commonly grown in Southeast Asia. You may know it by its more common name – sticky rice! The name “glutinous” can be confusing for people trying to avoid gluten in their diets, but this rice variety is completely gluten-free, just like other types of rice. However, some rice products on the market might use some ingredients which contain gluten in the production process, as a result not all rice products are completely free from gluten.

How are Neat’s crackers prepared?

We fry all of our rice crackers, but our healthy way of frying uses top-quality sunflower oil, which is widely regarded as the healthiest possible vegetable oil for cooking. Due to this health consideration, our rice crackers have a fat content of about 18%, which is considerably lower than other savoury snacks. As we’ve been saying, we’ve a healthier option that doesn’t compromise on flavour!

Where do you produce Neat’s rice crackers?

All of the finishing, flavouring and packaging process happens right here in the UK, but we source all of our top quality ingredients from various other places around the world.

Are there any future plans for more flavours?

Absolutely! We’d love to offer a much wider range of flavours in the near future, but we’d also appreciate you recommendations or personal favourites!

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